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Monday, April 8, 2013

hellooooo, i'm confused about what i have to make the reviews. So,I ended up on the Ellips hair mask review >,<
I really like to coloring my hair until I GET MY DRY hair :'( . Since from May 2012 until April 2013 I almost dyed my hair for 4 or 5 times. CRAZY,huh? :'''')
the reason is I dyed my hair with black color and when I want get Jessica's color hair, I have to bleaching and cleansing my hair for my Optimal hair color.

Well, its good color,right? I really want until I'm bleaching and cleansing (imagine it?)
continue to be successful  hair, just so so so fall out and dry. and finally I find this Ellips. the other day I was wearing hairmask from  but the result is just the same. more suitable use this Ellips.
when it comes to price, not much different from the same well of hair mask loreal.
This ya its Ellips appearance:

How its results? yaaaa for each individual may be fit-skewer yes. but personally still make my hair so much more moist and smooth like my real hair used to be. hihihi
hopefully useful for you,friends.

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