Clean and Clear Fruit Essentials facial cleanser brightening lemon (REVIEW)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hello hello halooooooo, sorry for been so long I did not update the blog. either for review or give tips. lol
well.let's get started!!!

This time I want to tell you a little review. been a while since I use Clean & Clear Facial Wash. I used replace another product anyway. but I was most suitable at Clear & Clear in any variant. Seriously. I also confused why could fit with Clean & Clear's. cmy skin type is Dry & combination. meaning still likes oily on T-Zone.

 because I wear fits all Clean & Clear's products, I have another story,when i goes to supermarket and shopping. I go to the corridor for treatment. and found out about this Clean & Clear it is usually right Standard Clean & Clear's products.
but this time,for me this products is different. also do not know the latest product or actually already old but I just found out. eheheheh and now I want to share a review about this product.

Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials facial cleanser brightening lemon 

I choose The Lemon because I want get my brighter skin as my result :P

1. The bottle is cute and clear so we can see the color and what is in this package.
2. I put on my hand, not very liquid but also not too thick.
3. there are grains. The scrub actually, but I told you grains. hahaha
4. fragrant! but not overpowering fragrance anyway.
5. so used, the foam not too much but just right.
6. after rinsed, fixed and still know there's slippery on my face.
7. stay soft about 3-4hr.

well,i think it's enough to wrote about this review. hope you like it and get more beneffits with this. 
love yaaaa!

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